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When Web Development Starts to Take Into Account the User

August 31st, 2018

Up until a few years ago, web development was gone about in a utilitarian kind of way. Something needed to get done, and a quick and logical solution was found for it. Technologies such as cgi, asp, ajax all came about to give answers to difficult questions such as how to create dynamic pages. Php eventually won out by being the most efficient and easy-to-learn language along with MySql databases. With great support and free software, these were the best web development solutions out there for the common user.

It is that common user that made this evolution happen. When people who were not trained in web design started making their own websites, then finally the most accessible web development technologies became commonplace. But still, web development was not being done in a way that was turned toward the user. It was done in a functional way that solved any issues that arose, but did not ultimately help the user get around a site or ever find the website. That is when the push for css-based design and url re-write mods came to be.

One of the heroes of this movement in my mind is Dave Shea. He pushed for standards in web development and for the use of CSS-based designs that minimized the amount of html and improved the versatility of websites and made universal access and compatibility a must. By keeping the user in mind, designs became more artistic and creative. Javascript and Flash often get in the way of a good web experience for many users and CSS takes care of that partially by creating desired effects without having to use these two programs. Of course, there are always limitless possibilities with Flash design, but in terms of usability, it is inferior to CSS.

The push for Search Engine Optimization has also pushed web developers to make websites with easy to remember url’s and well organized content that makes sense to users and search engines. Google’s algorithm becomes smarter and requires that page content be readable to humans and not just robots. Good use of headers and semantic page content as opposed to spam-dexing has become more commonplace. Web development has helped with this by generating attractive url’s and, through css, has done image replacement for header tags for design purposes.

Web Development is the Process to Represent You on the Internet

August 29th, 2018

Just like you can’t just create a business plan, open up shop and start earning money, you can’t simply launch your website and sit back to wait for hundreds of customers to start sending you money! Designing and launching your website takes a lot more than simple creating pretty pages and publishing them on the web. Web development looks at your website as a whole, examining each element of how it will work and finding the best solutions to meet those needs.

There are a lot of complicated, technical issues involved in web development, such as choosing a platform, creating the right server environment and making sure your code is validated and W3C compliant. This is why hiring an experienced and talented web development is crucial. Let them apply their expertise to take care of the technical aspects of your web development so that you don’t have to worry about tackling these issues.

Web Development also involves seeing your website as just one part of your business profile online, and ensuring that it functions seamlessly with other marketing efforts such as Pay Per Click advertising, banner management, blogs and mailing lists. Good web developers will make sure that your website is ready to be indexed by search engines, and will work to make sure it performs well in the results.

Your website is how you represent your business on the internet, and you should put as much care into the development of your website as you would do any office or shop front in the real world.

A skilled team of web developers can get your website up and running efficiently and attractively, making sure that it is easy for visitors to find and use, as well as simple to integrate with all aspects of doing business online, from payment processing to advertising, marketing to social media campaigns.

Hire the best to make sure that your website is ready for the constantly evolving World Wide Web.

What Does a Web Developer Actually Do?

August 28th, 2018

Web development is the act of establishing and maintaining a website based on the clients’ preferences and it requires a web developer who has related academic qualification and experiences. Basically, people who are interested in making websites can consider earning a degree related to this field of study via online education.

Generally, this is usually mixed with the utility of a webmaster that simply uses open source or ready-made scripts and patches a personal website. But these scripts are made by experienced web designer or developer who has the skills for creating attractive and interactive websites. From the building of a site layout to the creation of home page programming, a web developer designs the right script based on the client’s requirements.

Sometimes it is even more challenging to design a website layout which accommodates the right kind of viewers because they are the target market who will eventually be responsible for the success of any web site. It is also a web developer’s job to ensure that the website promotes the product or services efficiently, and create a dynamic appeal for the company. Interoperability of websites is very important because that ensures that every kind of end user, with any type of browser will be able to use the website for their purpose.

A good web developer should check for the website script’s compatibility and functionality with all major browsers. It is very important that a web developer to make sure that the websites is easy to surf and it is not preventing viewers to find specific information. The information should be well-placed in which make it easy to access and attractive in which it is able to retain viewers so that viewers can take their time to read the contents.